To be the most sought-after logistics services provider in the Middle East

Founded in 2006 in Qatar, Paragon Shipping & Logistics W.L.L. [PSL] is one of the fastest growing shipping and logistics services companies in the Middle East today. PSL provides a wide range of services, spanning from freight forwarding to Third-Party Logistics [3PL], to its loyal clientele largely comprising of MINCs and large corporate houses in the Region.

The 9001:2008 certified PSL has its principal market in Qatar, and has achieved significant growth in leading economies of the region [KSA, Bahrain and UAE] over the past few years.



Drawing on more than a decade of experience in international procurement, freight and transportation, PSL is one of the leading consultancies in the specialized field of project industry. With global representation, we provide technical assistance, project management and consultancy support primarily for Project Owners and Oil & Gas companies such as Dolphin Energy. We help clients achieve their goals, while clients look to us for help to ensure their projects are delivered effectively.

We’re small enough to be flexible, innovative and personal, and work proactively to protect your best interests.

Our key specialist fields include:

  • Feasibility assessment and audit to support project management
  • Challenges and Winning Model logistics to open up opportunities for providers that choose the best path
  • Finding Hidden Costs that really hold up cross-country and border trade
  • Governance and Law enforcement including Customs, Revenue, Government & Home Affairs, Police and Approvals

PSL has worked with clients across the value chain of logistics and transport on projects utilising the full range of our capabilities. Some of our clients are global leaders in freight and logistics, trucking, third-party logistics, rail, transport infrastructure, ocean shipping and distribution.

PSL has expertise in transportation and logistics consultancy including, but not limited to the following strategic and operational areas :

  • Corporate and business unit growth strategy
  • Performance improvement and process redesign
  • Fleet and network optimization
  • Information technology
  • Customer strategy, including marketing and pricing
  • Strategic turnarounds
  • Results delivery

PSL works alongside freight & logistics companies, at all levels of the organization, to plan where and how to realize full revenue potential. We find that companies which focus on expanding networks and improving services are best positioned for long-term growth. We help companies to target share of wallet opportunities by identifying the needs of their customers and how to best serve those needs. We also help businesses design methods to turn their operational processes leaner and more efficient, their organizations more effective and investments more innovative and successful.